Williams Creek Management
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Brouilletts Creek

Project Type: Design/Build

Williams Creek provided full service ecological engineering and construction management services necessary to design, permit, and construct approximately 700 linear feet of stream bank restoration in Vermillion County, Indiana. The primary purpose of the project was to protect a portion of the east bank of Brouillettes Creek which was threatening a 345 kV transmission tower.

The constructed bank modifications included hard armoring the toe of slope to halt the near-term scouring, installation of rock barbs and j-hooks to return the centerline of the stream to its former location, and relaxing eroded slopes and stabilizing them with permanent turf reinforcement mats and native, herbaceous, and woody plant installation. Bank modifications returned the stream to its former centerline within 12 months and eliminated the threat of lost regional power, reduced localized sedimentation into the creek, and enhanced the riparian corridor to better support wildlife.