Williams Creek Management
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Nash Trucksess Drainage

Nash Trucksess/Wilson Lateral Drainage Restoration

Project Type: Installation | Owner: Hendricks County Surveyors Office

Increases in industrial, commercial, and residential development place heavy demands on our streams and rivers.  The cumulative effects of these activities result in significant changes to the stream and river corridors and the ecosystem.  These changes include degradation of water quality, decreased water storage and conveyance capacity, erosion, loss of habitat for fish and wildlife, and decreased recreational and aesthetic values.

The Hendricks County Surveyors office contracted with Williams Creek Management to provide a stream naturalization with the establishment of native species through the Nash Trucksess/Wilson Lateral Drainage corridor.  The water quality will be improved through the establishment of native species.  The plant material will provide improved aesthetic appearance of the adjacent areas and provide a water quality benefit as a flow through Best Management Practice (BMP).

Williams Creek Management also provided maintenance and preservation services from 2010 to present.