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We Plan. We Build. We Maintain. WILLIAMS CREEK MANAGEMENT is committed to the principles of value-based construction and long-term maintenance of the built and natural systems within our communities.

Williams Creek Ravina Park Stream Bank Stabilization Project

From urban landscape creation to rural sediment maintenance, we design and build innovative and individualized solutions that meet regulatory requirements while enhancing our communities and rebuilding our natural world.

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Each of the markets we serve has a lasting impact on society. We build long-lasting relationships and high-quality solutions that are unique to clients’ projects for communities of all markets across the Midwest.

Buckeye Lake Rain Gardens

Buckeye Lake is one of several reservoirs in Ohio that suffers from severe degradation in water quality. The 3,173 acre lake is operated by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Parks and Recreation and is home to Ohio’s oldest state park and residential development along most of the lake’s shoreline. Williams Creek Management […]

Mulberry Fields Park

With increasing awareness of the valuable role prairies and savannahs play in the natural world, prairie and savannah communities throughout the Midwest are being identified, protected, and restored. People restore and maintain prairies and savannahs for many reasons, including weed management, reduced runoff, soil erosion control, wildlife habitats, and aesthetic appeal. Prairies in North America […]

City of Westfield Liberty Park

The City of Westfield Parks Department utilized land from an approximately 2-acre wetland mitigation site as a passive wetland park. Williams Creek Management provided design/build services for the park, which was developed with the intent of natural flood control and water quality improvement for Cool Creek. The project was privately funded by a local developer […]

Brouilettes Creek Streambank Restoration

American Electric Power currently maintains in excess of 39,000 miles of transmission lines across the United States. AEP maintains the goal of protecting the system by minimizing outages, adverse environmental impacts, ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, performing its work as safely and economically as possible, and maintaining a positive relationship with land […]

MSDGC Green Infrastructure Maintenance

Since 2016, Williams Creek has partnered with MSDGC to perform maintenance and inspection services at up to 15 Green Infrastructure (GI) sites including debris and invasive plant removal, erosion control and repair, stormwater structure cleaning, mulching and plant replacement activities. Follow-up inspection activities have also included infiltration testing, sediment removal plan development and implementation, re-planting […]

City of Fishers Green Infrastructure Maintenance

The City of Fishers has installed Green Infrastructure (GI) throughout the community to manage stormwater, improve water quality, provide beautification, and illustrate their commitment to sustainability. The Water Quality Division of the City’s Department of Public Works manages and maintains these sites, which include Best Management Practices (BMPs) in residential neighborhoods and swales along a […]

Parkview Regional Medical Center

Since 2009, Williams Creek has been involved with the Parkview Regional Medical Center as the health care provider in Fort Wayne, Indiana continues to expand its 260 acre campus. Williams Creek completed the installation of the Low Impact Development approach throughout the site allowing for placemaking through stormwater management while furthering Parkview’s sustainability commitments. Since […]

Durkees Run Stormwater Park & Streambank Stabilization

The City of Lafayette, as part of its long term control plan for water quality, tackled a variety of stormwater management challenges through several different projects in the Durkees Run watershed. Williams Creek provided a variety of services on two of these projects - Durkees Run Streambank Stabilization and Durkees Run Stormwater Park. Both projects […]

Grand Junction Plaza Park & Grassy Branch Stream Restoration

The City of Westfield, Indiana is a suburban Indianapolis community placing a large emphasis on quality of life improvements through recreational facilities for residents, which also attract visitors. Grassy Branch Creek is a waterway which runs through the city and is a highlight of Grand Junction Park, a six acre recreational amenity primed to become […]

Nash Trucksess - Wilson Lateral Legal Drains Naturalization

Increases in industrial, commercial, and residential development place heavy demands on our streams and rivers. The cumulative effects of these activities result in significant changes to the stream and river corridors as well as the ecosystem. These changes include degradation of water quality, decreased water storage and conveyance capacity, erosion, loss of habitat for fish […]

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