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We Plan. We Build. We Maintain. WILLIAMS CREEK MANAGEMENT is committed to the principles of value-based construction and long-term maintenance of the built and natural systems within our communities.

Williams Creek Ravina Park Stream Bank Stabilization Project

From urban landscape creation to rural sediment maintenance, we design and build innovative and individualized solutions that meet regulatory requirements while enhancing our communities and rebuilding our natural world.

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Each of the markets we serve has a lasting impact on society. We build long-lasting relationships and high-quality solutions that are unique to clients’ projects for communities of all markets across the Midwest.

DuPont Peters Cartridge Factory Phytoremediation

Owner: DuPont
Client: Parsons Corporation
Location: Mason, Ohio
Year: 2017 - 2019
DuPont Peters Cartridge Factory Phytoremediation Installation ProjectDuPont Peters Cartridge Factory Phytoremediation Installation ProjectDuPont Peters Cartridge Factory Phytoremediation Installation ProjectDuPont Peters Cartridge Factory Phytoremediation Installation Project

As part of DuPont's commitment to environmental clean-up of a federal Superfund site, Parsons Corporation hired Williams Creek for our Total Project Delivery approach for revegetation of approximately 44 acres of phytoremediation area. Specifically, we provided installation and establishment maintenance of native trees, shrubs, and woodland understory to repair the soils from the contaminated condition, establish a robust riparian corridor along the Little Miami River, and jumpstart the adjacent upland forest.

As part of the effort, more than 17,000 native trees and shrubs were successfully installed, and over 100 linear feet of the Little Miami Riverbank were stabilized with bioengineering technologies and native plant materials.

What once was an active industrial employment center at the turn of the century that resulted in a federally listed environmental contamination site will now return to an oasis of urban ecology for future generations.




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